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Bioidentical hormone preparations or creams are made at special pharmacies called compounding pharmacies, which make the preparations on a case-by-case basis for each patient.

Natural human hormones are manufactured by a biochemist in a chemical laboratory or drug company. The biochemist extracts the base molecule from soybeans or yams, then adds the necessary carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms to the base molecule. The resulting molecule is bio-identical to the human molecule.

The hormones produced in this manner are exactly like the same hormones present in the human body and already created by nature. This product is then made into an inject-able hormone or placed into oral capsules, sublingual tablets, and vanishing cream.

Bio Identical hormones can be superior to pharmaceutical hormone preparations because they are able to be tailored for our own bodies. Compounding Pharmacies are able to customize their delivery form (oral, sublingual, transdermal cream), their components and can add or subtract any of these components that might not be working well, (with the help of a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist). A compounding pharmacy can change dosage amounts of particular hormones within your prescription.

Hormone replacement is not one size fits all, we are all individuals with our own unique chemistry and physiological makeup.

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Quinpool Wellness Centre - Halifax, Nova Scotia Bioidentical Hormones & Compounding Pharmacy

Nova Scotia Bioidentical Hormones Clinic & Compounding Pharmacy, Quinpool Wellness Centre’s approach is to individualize a treatment plan for each patient based on medical history, physical examination, symptoms and laboratory analysis. The prescription is tailored to the exact amount of each hormone needed for the individual’s balance in Nova Scotia. Each individualized treatment plan focuses on Bioidentical Hormone restoration and optimization. We offer the following Compounded Services and Medications including Compounded Bioidentical Hormones. Our treatment protocol for symptoms of menopause and perimenopause includes an initial consultation, and may include vitamins & supplements, lifestyle counseling, diet, and compounded Bio-Identical Hormones. Optimized and balanced hormones are essential to good health and a feeling of well-being. In both men and women, hormones decrease with age causing a wide range of symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, loss of sex drive depression and disrupted sleep patterns (insomnia). The first step is to treat the causes of hormone imbalance when possible. Providing your body with the elements needed to make its own hormones is fundamental. The next step is to supplement with bioidentical hormones to restore deficient hormones. Read More...

Please call Anastasia Hanias, B.Sc.,R.Ph. with Quinpool Wellness Centre at 800-775-4902 Ext. 424


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